Richard Dorman Insurance Consultants

Meet Rick Dorman

Rick Dorman Richard W. Dorman is a thirty-four year veteran of insurance and marketing, and former Vice President of Marketing for Progressive Casualty, one of the first companies to successfully use product management. Mr. Dorman was also one of their first product managers, and personally developed many of the skills and techniques used today by numerous insurance companies to improve both profitability and product design.

Richard Dorman is a 1969 graduate of the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. , and earned his Masters of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the Harvard Business School in 1971.

Mr. Dorman’s consulting specializes in marketing and pricing for property and casualty insurance companies and MGAs. Since starting his consulting in 1986, more than one hundred eighty companies have sought out Mr. Dorman for his direct consulting experience, insight, and proven methods of pricing, rate making and product management and have relied on him to teach their employees the best methods of designing and managing a profitable product.

Listed in “Who’s Who in Insurance”, Mr. Dorman is internationally recognized and is a frequent industry speaker including PCI, NAPSLO and NAMIC. He is also the author of numerous articles including “Underwriting is Dead, Long Live Pricing” for Best’s Review.